Indiana Mental Health Disability Evaluation – Workers’ Comp

Mental Health Disability Evaluations for Workers’ Comp
People file workers’ comp cases for all kinds of different reasons. And, one of the main things these cases must establish is that the person’s employment somehow led to, contributed to, or even caused the problems they are experiencing. Often, these problems are physical in nature, but they can also be psychological, or a combination of both. In any event, if psychological issues are at play, qualified psychological evaluations should be as well.

The Process of Psychological Evaluations for Indiana Mental Health Disability

In Indiana, psychological evaluations for workers’ comp cases are all handled in basically the same way.

A qualified psychologist, ideally one who is experienced with Indiana workers’ comp cases, will do the following in an effort to determine if the person’s employment led to their situation and, if so, to what degree:

  • Carefully interview the employee
  • Review medical records
  • Review work records
  • Interview co-workers (if applicable)
  • Interview supervisors
  • Perform psychological testing

In addition to a psychological evaluation, a mental health disability evaluation will also be performed. This process is much the same as the psychological evaluation. However, the goal of the mental health disability evaluation is to determine whether the person has mental health issues that prevent them from doing their job.

Indiana Mental Health Disability Evaluation for Workers’ Comp – Expect Resistance

Indiana Mental Health Disability Evaluation - Workers CompWhile it would be nice if every Indiana workers’ comp case went without a hitch and people easily got the benefits to which they were entitled, this isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, most people, even after their mental health disability evaluation and following all of the required steps, will experience some pushback from their employers.

Most employers have insurance companies that will do everything they can to deny your claim and to prevent you from getting it. This might mean examining your Indiana and national criminal history, your credit, and even questioning your mental health and the validity of your mental health disability evaluation.

The key, though, is to stay strong and to not give up. If you have legal help on your side and are seeing a qualified psychologist, there’s a great chance your claim will be approved and that you’ll get the benefits you deserve.

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