Self-Care in a Time of Isolation

Self-care in a time of Isolation

Taking care of yourself while cut off from human contact is so important. Now, in our time of isolation, looking after yourself (self-care) and making sure you are safe is not just about your physical health, it is also about your mental health. Much like solitary confinement can make prisoners go a little stir crazy, a self-imposed period of quarantine can irreparably damage your psyche. If you ever feel like you need help, or even just someone to talk to, please avail yourself of the psychology resources around you.   

Reasons for Fragile Mental Health

There are many reasons why a period of isolating yourself from other humans can be detrimental to your mental health, necessitating some self-care. Not the least of which is the lack of human contact itself. Humans are naturally social creatures, being around other people is really important, They can not only offer conversation and be sounding boards for your ideas, but physical touch is really important for surviving in this world. For example, an old czar in Russia wanted to see how language came to be, so he told nurses not to talk to or touch a number of orphans he chose. Not a single infant survived long enough to utter a syllable.

Methods of Self Care

For many people this includes going to a spa, getting something done at a salon, or immersing themselves in a story at the movie theater. Unfortunately, all of those options are now closed to us, but you can practice it on your own. For one, a day of pampering with a hot, steamy bath and however you choose to make yourself feel better is called for. For others, it is getting their favorite food for takeout, or taking time to read a good book. These are all fantastic ideas that are really relaxing and do not require you to leave your home.Self Care while isolated

Self-care is something to be done before you help others. After all, how can you expect to adequately help others if you yourself are not in the right state of mind? Isolation can play dirty tricks on our minds, but with a little TLC and some professional help, you too can make it through this time in good health.

If you feel like you need to talk to someone, click here. 

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