Question: What is a Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation?

Answer: In this instance, a Fitness-For-Duty Evaluation (FFDE) is a psychological exam undergone by a CIVIL SERVANT job applicant as part of their pre-employment/onboarding process. (Civil servant here specifies a first responder, a hazardous job holder, etc.) The exam might also be performed with a current employee. The FFDE is conducted only at the request of the employer.

Question: When might a company request this?

Answer: For CIVIL SERVANTS, when the Fitness-For-Duty Evaluation is part of the pre-employment process, the goal is to determine if the applicant is psychologically healthy enough for the high-stress, dangerous job. The results of the exam are a large part of the final hiring decision. When the FFDE is requested for current employees, it may be: (1) after the employee’s own criminal or violent incident; or (2) in response to signs of psychological impairment or unusual behavior in the employee.

Question: What happens in a pre-employment Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation with a civil servant?

Answer: Measures of Risk to Self & Others

  • Personality measure(s)
  • Intellectual ability inventories
  • Wide-ranging clinical interview covering such topics as developmental history, previous employment, major life events, education, legal history, financial history, driving record, use of substances, emotional well-being, and preparation for work in civil service.