Should I Have My Child Tested for ADHD?

Should I have my child tested for ADHD?

While a professional must diagnose Attention Hyperactivity Disorder in children, many parents notice signs and symptoms of the condition at home that often leads them to this doctor’s appointment and diagnosis. Parents often wonder if their child is simply growing up or if ADHD is the culprit of their behavior. Schedule an appointment if there is concern that your child may suffer from ADHD. Proper, timely treatment improves behavior, grades in school, relationships with other people, and offers many other benefits for children and parents and family members who are suffering from ADHD. if you notice any of the signs of ADHD in children below, schedule an appointment with the pediatrician for psychological evaluations and other tests.

– Constantly in motion, won’t sit down

– Disruptive in school, always talking

– Squirms and fidgets in their seats

– Easily distracted

– Interrupts other people

– Does Not finish tasks

Most children exhibit one or more behaviors above now and again. It is a normal part of being a kid and growing up. Most kids ‘grow out of it’ over time. But, some children and their behaviors cannot be overlooked and won’t simply go away over time. When the behaviors interfere with school, relationships, or cause parents to feel frustrated and overwhelmed due to its frequency, its cause for concern. Schedule an appointment with a pediatrician if there are any concerns. It is better to get a diagnosis and begin treatment than to allow the behaviors to continue negatively impacting life.

Children tested for ADHD?ADHD in Children: Psychological Evaluations

Doctors use a variety of information and tests to diagnose ADHD since there is not one specific test that can do the job. Most pediatricians work with a broad range of people who are regularly involved in the child’s life, including psychologists, parents, and teachers from school. A child must have six characteristics of ADHD to receive a diagnosis. Psychological evaluations are an important part of the ADHD diagnosis process. It provides doctors with a myriad of information that can help them better treat the child’s condition. The characteristics must have impacted the child/family for a period of six months or longer.

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