Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluations, What Are They?

Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluations, What Are They?

We live in a world where surgeries are a common thing.  So what is a Pre-Surgical psychological evaluation?  Candidates for most types of surgeries will need to undergo a psychological evaluation before the procedure. This has become an essential requirement and a standard practice that has been taking place for years now. The process is meant to improve the overall outcome of the procedure and patient satisfaction. Surgeries that need pre-surgical evaluations include; cosmetic, bariatric surgery, organ transplant, etc.

Why Go Through a Pre-Surgical Evaluation

1. Your insurance company needs it

Your insurance company is going to cover the cost of the surgery, so they need you to see a psychologist assure them that you’re ready for the procedure. They won’t pay for it if you don’t understand everything, including post-surgery effects, potential complications, and the required follow-up.

2. The evaluation will help you identify ways to improve your post-surgery recovery.

Mental preparation for the surgery is important for physical preparedness and recovery. The process will help identify your weaknesses, strengths, and motivation and point out areas you need extra guidance.

3. Your surgeon needs it

A pre-surgical evaluation is what will help your surgeon understand your case, needs, and mental state. These help them know how to deal with you on the operating table and understand all the behaviors you’re likely to show after surgery.

4. Patients need it

The evaluation process is essential for patients to help them learn more about themselves, their mental triggers, habits, and come up with a plan for recovery.

pre-surgical psychologyFactors That Are Likely To Affect the Surgery

Several mental weaknesses can interfere with the surgery is not addressed beforehand. These include;

• Demoralization

• Stress

• Anxiety

• Low self-esteem

• Fear of pain

• Substance abuse history

• Anger

• Chronic psychiatric issues

What to Expect During Pre-Surgical Evaluations

• An interview with a clinician to discuss the background and history of the patient. The questions during this interview will entail medical history, social information, and psychological history.

• Learning more about the surgery by consulting with the physician or surgeon and asking all the necessary questions.

• Psychological tests to examine current psychological functioning of the surgery candidate

• After this, your psychologist prepares a report and sends it to the surgeon for further evaluation before commencing with the type of surgery you are having. 


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