Immigration Evaluations

Immigration Evaluations are useful for families and individuals seeking a new life for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, immigration is a hot button topic, viewed negatively in the current political climate. However, immigration is a chance for families or individuals to start a new life in a new country, where opportunities for growth are plentiful.  Often times, families and individuals come from countries at war, and human rights are under attack.  Immigration helps families and individuals create new, fulfilling lives for themselves.

Unfortunately, for many families, immigration has become harder in recent years due to steps taken by governments to heighten enforcement and deportations.

What Is the cause for an Immigration Psychological Evaluation?

Sadly, many immigrants come from countries where there are wars and human rights are under attack. This makes immigration an easy and natural next step. 

Initially, an evaluations can assist in determining whether an individual can lawfully remain in the United States. However, the general purpose of a psychological evaluation is to alert immigration courts to any mental health conditions or diagnoses. This will allow the courts to determine how potential deportation would impact a client and their family.  This evaluation is especially useful in addressing a client’s report of personal history.

Every new immigrant family or individual benefits from this type of evaluation. However, cases in which this evaluation is most beneficial are:

Which Immigration Cases Benefit From A Psychological Evaluation?

  1. Extreme Hardship Cases
  2. Spousal Abuse (Violence Against Women Act)
  3. Political Asylum Cases
  4. U Visa

Immigration Evaluations are conducted by a licensed specialist.  The review consists of a series of interviews and questions to determine mental capacity. Additionally, tests  are helpful in determining whether the subject is mentally able to reside in the country without causing harm due to unresolved mental issues.

To learn more about immigration evaluations visit the following website. Dr. Deloney conducts various types of psychological testing and evaluations. To speak with her about any needs relating to psychological evaluations contact her office directly.