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Post-Doctoral Research Fellow & Project Manager

     University of Houston- Department of Educational Psychology

     Houston, TX – September 2014 – September 2015

    ▪   Managed the day-to-day activities of a $2.5 million dollar National Institutes of Health research project that analyzes biological and psychosocial data to better understand  substance abuse among Blacks.

    ▪   Daily activities included: supervising 12 graduate and undergraduate students; hiring and training volunteers; screening and  scheduling research participants; creating weekly work schedule;  maintaining the cash log; negotiating with vendors; running in-lab experiments; serving as a  researcher; collecting quantitative data; and managing multiple research datasets with Access, Excel and other software.

    ▪   Oversaw recruitment and retention of study participants, providing expertise on advertising via social media.

    ▪   Assisted with writing of Institutional Review Board proposal and implementation of second NIH study.

    ▪   Aided in the development and renewal of contracts and grants.

    ▪   Prepared weekly briefing memorandum for Principal Research Investigator Dr. Ezemenari Obasi.

Dissertation Research

Dept. of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

Western Michigan University- Kalamazoo, MI – September 2010- Nov 2014

    ▪       Planned, developed, and conducted research to understand the impact of being a young adult who

             serves as a caregiver for their severely mentally ill mother.

    ▪   Surveyed 84 participants recruited using strategic random sampling techniques.

    ▪   Analyzed concepts related to lifespan development; quality of life; coping; and resilience.

    ▪   Quantitative data was collected via online survey instruments and was analyzed with SAS software.

    ▪   Successfully defended this research before an audience of social scientists on Nov 21, 2014.

Graduate Research Assistant                                                          

Department of Psychology

Michigan State University – January 2009- August 2009

    ▪    Conducted interviews with Black gay/bisexual men in the northwest Michigan region to identify their unique  psychosocial needs.

    ▪   Participated in group sessions to develop/revise the study’s survey instrument

    ▪   Recruited new participants via direct community outreach.

    ▪   The information collected from this study was used by Michigan’s Department of Community Health to make urgent changes to HIV-prevention for this population.         

Graduate Research Assistant                                                          

Dept. of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

Western Michigan University- Kalamazoo, MI – 2007- February 2009

    ▪        Assisted in data collection for a project to reveal more about several historic social scientists.  

    ▪    Participated in group discussions seeking to relate psychological theories to their work.

Graduate Research Assistant                                                          

Dept. of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

Western Michigan University- Kalamazoo, MI – September 2007- June 2008

    ▪   Assisted in data collection of articles, books and videos that reveal more about domestic violence.        

    ▪   The information collected from this project was used to teach a graduate-level course on gender issues.                           

Undergraduate Research Assistant                

Institute for Policy Research

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL – May 2002- November 2002

    ▪   Served as a research assistant for a sociologist seeking to determine how poor families have

             coped after welfare reform.

    ▪   Transcribed large sets of qualitative data (i.e. audiotaped interviews)

    ▪   Participated in group discussions to analyze and code the qualitative data.

    ▪    Helped develop and refine the data codes.

    ▪   The results of this study were published in a book entitled Work-Family Challenges for Low-Income Parents and Their Children.

Undergraduate Research Assistant                                              

Center for Learning Technologies

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL – February 2000- May 2002

    ▪   Served as a research assistant for a study that sought to determine how children use models to learn.

    ▪   Transcribed large sets of qualitative data (i.e. videotaped model-building sessions)

    ▪   Participated in group discussions to analyze and code the qualitative data.

    ▪   Helped develop and refine the data codes.

    ▪   The results of this study were published as part of a doctoral dissertation.



Clinical Service Provider (Pre-Doctoral Internship)

      Ohio Community Mental Health-  Community Corrections Center

      Lebanon, OH – August 2013- August 2014

      ▪ Counseled adult male felony offenders struggling with mental health and substance abuse disorders.

      ▪ Addressed criminal thinking and trauma. Made professional decisions concerning diagnosis and treatment, especially as related to the  usefulness of psychiatric drugs with the offender.

      ▪ Participated in case consultations with clinical and non-clinical staff, including probation/parole officers, employment specialists, academic specialists, and security monitors.

      ▪ Assisted with discharge planning.

      ▪ Maintained electronic case notes and created reports for clinical staff members.

      ▪ Provided crisis intervention as needed, using active listening and safety skills.

Outpatient Therapist (Pre-Doctoral Internship)

      Ohio Community Mental Health- College Hill

      Cincinnati, OH – August 2013- August 2014

            Counseled adult clients struggling with mental health and substance abuse disorders.

      ▪ Conducted intake assessments and created treatment plans.

      ▪ Addressed community-level needs and assist with case management.

      ▪ Consulted with and provided clinical reports to outside agencies including probation/parole officers and  

              Child Protective Services.

      ▪ Provided crisis intervention as needed, using active listening and safety skills

      ▪ Provided family counseling as needed

Clinical Social Worker/Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Specialist

        Michigan Community Mental Health

        Battle Creek, MI – November 2011- November 2012

               Worked with a multidisciplinary team to meet the psychiatric, medical, and service needs of 50 severely mentally ill adults, seeing clients at their homes and in the office.

         ▪      Taught independent living skills to prevent psychiatric re-hospitalization.

         ▪      Used motivational techniques to facilitate substance abuse recovery.

         ▪      Administered and monitored use of oral medications.

         ▪      Responded to after-hours crisis calls with active listening and safety skills.

         ▪      Provided testimony to judges, lawyers, and police officers regarding client welfare, issues of abuse/neglect, civil probate (i.e., hospitalization), and adult guardianship.

        ▪       Created written reports in both criminal and civil matters.

        ▪       Conducted annual and quarterly assessments and create treatment plans.

        ▪       Maintained electronic case notes.   

FOCUS Program Student Advisor

Kalamazoo Valley Community College – September 2008-  May 2011

        ▪ Met regularly with Kalamazoo Valley Community College students planning to transfer to 4-year colleges and universities.

        ▪ Discussed students’ current academic progress, career goals, and personal concerns.

        ▪ Met regularly with Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative (MPRI) students.

        ▪ Helped MPRI students overcome academic, financial, and social barriers related to having a criminal history.

        ▪ Developed and conducted presentations such as Overcoming Test and Math Anxiety and Express Yourself: Interpersonal Communication Skills for Students.   



Policy Consultant

     University of Houston

     Office of the Vice Chancellor –  February 2015 – September 2015

            Assisted the Vice Chancellor in updating and rewriting the school’s sexual harassment policy.

    ▪    Provided consultation on matters related to gender dynamics, the role of mandated reporters, and social justice (e.g., the prohibitive costs of post-assault examinations).

    ▪    Assisted in the implementation of this policy (e.g., workshops, trainings, educating students/faculty about the  updated policy).

Houston City Council Workgroup

       Houston Commission on Disabilities

      Houston, Texas – January 2015- present

            Support the activities of the Houston Commission on Disabilities workgroup as needed.  

   ▪      Collaborating with local police and fire departments to improve the safety of group homes.

Disaster Mental Health Associate

           American Red Cross

          Greater Kalamazoo Chapter, Kalamazoo, MI – March 2010- April 2013

            Received 40 hours of disaster intervention training with a focus on psychological triage, crisis intervention, and psychological support of disaster victims.

      ▪ Stood  prepared to conduct disaster mental health activities  in a shelter or on a disaster site.

      ▪ Performed casework for affected individuals following a disaster.

      ▪ Assisted with the opening, operating, and closing of disaster relief shelters/kitchens.

      ▪ Performed other duties as requested by the American Red Cross.

Legislative Action Committee Member

           Various Community Organizations and Western Michigan University Students       

           Lansing, MI – August 2009

            Along with approximately 30 other community members, traveled to Michigan’s State Capitol building to speak to Congress members about voting against redistributing funds away from GSRP.

              Great Start Readiness Program (GSPR) provides preschool programs for children “at risk” of school failure.

Crisis Intervention Volunteer

         Gryphon Place

          Kalamazoo, MI – May 2008- January 2009

            Received 45 hours of crisis intervention training focusing on suicide prevention.

      ▪ Responded to crisis calls with active listening and safety skills.

      ▪ Worked closely with Adult and Child Protective Services taking abuse calls and making appropriate referrals.     

      ▪ Made referrals to domestic violence shelters, food banks, homeless shelters, rehab centers, etc. as needed.

      ▪ Helped train new volunteers by assisting with role plays and feedback sessions.

      ▪ Completed 200 hours of volunteer service (separate from the training).