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How to maintain your mental health as a Senior

Maintaining golden-age health and vitality can be pretty challenging. Even more, your mental health, especially as more and more seniors suffer from degenerative diseases...

Tips for improving mental wellbeing during pregnancy

Many expectant mothers experience pregnancy blues which significantly affect their mental wellbeing. The reasons for the emotional roller coaster when expecting is not specific....

Vitamin D and Mental Health

Why Everyone is Craving Vitamin D  Most people understand the importance of consuming various vitamins; however, many people are not getting enough Vitamin D and...

Developing Perspective

The Power of Perspective  Everyone knows that individuals have their own personal strengths and weaknesses. Some people are incredibly kind, and others might be especially...

Enabling a Meaningful Work Environment 

Enabling a Meaningful Work Environment  A Meaningful Work Environment  Creating a meaningful workplace is becoming more and more important to employers. When employees are engaged in...

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