Question: What is a Child Custody Evaluation?

Answer: A holistic assessment focused on the “best interests” of the child(ren).

  • Meant to help families make a positive adjustment to divorce, or other significant life change, by giving parents and child(ren) the opportunity to share their feelings with a licensed psychologist.
  • Considers broadly the child’s developmental level, as well as their unique individual needs.
  • Equally weighs the strengths and limitations of both parents.
  • Considers equally the rights of both parents, be they male or female, same-sex or traditional relationship.
  • Provides judges with the information they need to make the final child custody decision.

Question: What happens in a Child Custody Evaluation?

Answer: In-person interviews with parents and child(ren).

  • Psychological testing with parents and child(ren), as needed.
  • Information gathering (various documents; interviews with relevant parties; etc.)