Keeping Conflicts from Rising


In every type of bond, not everyone is going to agree with each other 100% of the time. Conflict is a natural part of any relationship. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us are faced with lots of occasions for dispute as we are all staying at home. It may be the most time we have ever spent inside with our roomies, parents, friends, spouses, or children. It’s essential to settle disputes respectfully and in a positive matter that can build up your bond. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have come up with some skills that will help you keep conflicts from rising.

· Pick your battles

You may have lots of things bothering you about somebody in your life. Some of them are little irritations that mean nothing in the bigger picture. Think of what’s bothering you, and if it’s worthy of an argument, or if it’s something you can learn to live with. For example, if your roomie often leaves the lighting on, and you have kept on reminding him/her, maybe you will have to switch off for them.

Keeping Conflicts from Rising

· Listen to the other party

This is basic, and it’s regularly not done in the intensity of the moment. Communication is needed here for both parties to come up with a solution. You have to listen carefully to the other party to be aware of the ground of the conflict. 

· Concentrate more on forthcoming results than on the past

Communication plays a vital part here. You both need to accept that the past can’t be changed. You should think of what both of you can do to advance. Strive to emerge with ideas or solutions on how to govern the affairs together.

· Refrain from adding others in your affairs

Strive to settle your arguments yourself rather than calling other members of the family or friends to resolve your disputes. Try to emerge with discreet, equal resolutions to the matters together.  When conflicts do arise, try talking about it with each other first. 

It’s essential in these times to settle your disputes together and in a healthy way when there are a lot of other stressors pulling us.  If you can not do it on your own and the same conflicts still arise, it might be worth seeking professional help. 

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