Power of Being Positive

Power Of Being Positive

A vast amount of us were told that opposites attract. While this may be true when it comes to magnets, when it comes to our spirit the same can’t be said. In fact, its a known fact that positive thinking can attract positive circumstances. But, negative thinking will attract more negative scenarios such as pain, depression and anxiety.

But, having a positive outlook on life is easier said than done.

Why Is It So Difficult To Remain Positive?

In order for you to be happy you have to train your mind to be positive. Why?

While it feels much better to maintain a high degree of positivity, negativity is addictive. Experts suggest that humans are predisposed to thinking negatively. It just so happens that we give negative emotions much more attention than positive ones. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to rewire your brain from its predisposed state of focusing on negativity. By doing this, it will give your brain the opportunity to heal from negative emotions.

1) Meditation

A good way to train your mind to be positive is meditation. Meditation has been known to rejuvenate the mind and make you more resilient to the stresses of life. A good way to think of it is the fact that our brains are hardwired to be miserable, while mediation operates like a turn off switch that enables you to clear your mind and get it to stay in the present as opposed to living in the past which causes depression, or living in the future which causes anxiety.

positive thinking2)) Gratitude

Gratitude can help to make you happier. In fact, when we feel and show gratitude, it causes our body to flood the brain with – the feel good chemical- dopamine. Dopamine has the ability to drown out anxious and depressive thoughts.

3) Be Kind

Just like positive thinking, being kind is highly contagious. The logic being, when you show acts of kindness to others in your circle, they eventually go on to show acts of kindness to others. By doing this with the people in your circle you essentially create a bubble of revolving acts of kindness.


Try a little bit each day and see how it helps.  Read more of our blogs here.

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